Sensory Trust factsheets and publications

Making places accessible

Outdoor access factsheets - paths, materials, steps etc

The Access Chain - reviewing and planning access through the steps involved in a visit

Access Statements - examples to use as a basis for making your own

Seating and Shelter (pdf 662k) - planning and designing seating and shelter. Text only version.

What is inclusive design? - outlining an inclusive design approach

Social Sustainability Toolkit: inclusive design - inclusive building design and construction

Equality Act 2010 - a short summary of the UK legislation

By All Reasonable Means publication - improving access to outdoor sites

Easy Access to Historic Landscapes publication - improving access to heritage sites

Accessible information

A focus on accessible information - why it matters and who it benefits

Accessible information formats - choosing the best alternative formats for your printed materials

Planning information using the Access Chain to address accessible information at all stages of the visitor experience

Consulting with people to ensure your accessible information best meets their needs

Guide to using Braille (pdf 498k) Guide to using Braille text only version

Guide to using Clear and Large Print (pdf 220k) Clear and Large Print text only version

Guide to using Plain Language (pdf 170k) Plain Language text only version

Quick Web Accessibility (pdf 39k)

Widgit Symbols - symbol-based language for people with learning disabilities (pdf 437k) Widgit text only version

Richer experiences outdoors

Dementia-friendly activities - activity sheets from the Creative Spaces project

Creative activities - ideas and factsheets for sensory-rich nature-based activities

Age-friendly landscapes - designing landscapes for older people

Food tastes better outdoors - recipes for people with learning disabilities

Sensory Garden Design Advice - creating sensory rich spaces

Inclusive play guide (pdf 380k) - guide to nature-based play for all children. Inclusive play text only version

Community engagement

Community Engagement (pdf 299k) - a guide to inclusive and creative community engagement

Dementia-friendly community activities - ideas and factsheets for outdoor-based activities