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Taking a rubbing with crayon

Texture journey

Discover the different textures that can be found in nature. This is a very simple, immersive activity that focuses attention on detail.

Texture Journey is an activity to help you discover different textures in nature.

You will need

  • A blank piece of fabric, calico works very well for this. You want something light in colour and fairly thick. If you can’t get any fabric you can use paper but be careful when it is wet.
  • Thick crayons, if you can get ones that you can use on their sides these work
  • A piece of fabric about 25cm x 25cm. Something that is easy to hold. Or you can divide your fabric into sections to show your journey, ideally 40cm x15cm x 15cm with lines drawn to show four different sections.

What to do

Find a place that you can freely explore.

  • Go on a journey and when you notice interesting textures take a rubbing of them with your crayon and fabric.
  • Some textures look more interesting than they feel, have a good explore to find ones that are good!
  • Some textures you will need to be very gentle with to capture, the fabric allows you to stretch over surfaces without ripping.
  • See if you can make patterns, use different colours, overlay textures.

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