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A frame made of leaves and flowers

Nature frames

Nature frames help you discover new things in nature. Really simple and surprisingly effectively, this activity shifts the way you see things.

Nature Frames is an activity to help you discover new things in nature. By creating a frame you can then seek out things that interest you and frame them.

You will need

  • A frame, this can be an old or new picture frame with the backing and glass
    removed. Or you can make a frame from cardboard. Cut out a rectangle
    or any shape removing the middle so you have a frame.
  • A bag for collecting natural materials in. You may also want some scissors or
    secateurs to cut plants with.
  • Twine, string, garden wire, sticky tape, glue dots, whatever you can find that
    will help you

What to do

Have a good look at your frame before you go out.

Take your collecting bag and go outside.

Collect a range of materials that you want to attach to your frame.

Find a comfortable place to create your nature frame. Build up all of the sides with nature - remember to leave a hole in the middle!

Once you are happy with your frame take it outside and begin framing things! Find things that interest you because of how they look, smell, feel, taste, sound. Things that are pretty, things that you don’t know what they are, things that you find interesting.

Take a picture of the things you find using your frame to frame them!

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