The Access Chain: an inclusive design tool

On-site experience

The on-site experience is the link in the access chain that most site managers will feel most familiar with. Improvements made here should flow naturally to and from improvements made in the other links of the chain. For instance, a new touch trail for visually impaired people would naturally lead to improvements in transport such as audio timetables available by telephone and to improvements in the type, format and distribution of pre-visit information.

There are many things that can be done to improve the visitor’s on-site experience. Some of these are detailed in the Sensory Trust web site, and in other publications. Briefly, they fall into these categories:

  • Routes and signposting improvements
  • Facilities are made accessible
  • Information and interpretation is designed to include disabled people
  • Highlights are accessible or experiences of equal quality are created
  • Staff and volunteers have disability awareness training
  • Events and activities are designed to include disabled people

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For a more concise summary, download our Access Chain summary (pdf 378k). Also available as Access Chain text only version.