Sensory Trust consultancy

Access audits and reviews

What is a Sensory Trust access audit?

Our access audit will help your venue welcome and engage visitors of all ages and abilities. Sensory Trust has over twenty years' experience of identifying and resolving barriers to access, from underground tunnels to treetop canopies, and from heritage sites to contemporary designs. We also carry out reviews to support development and funding plans.

Our audits use the Sensory Trust's Access Chain, a tool we developed to look at a venue from the perspective of a visitor. It follows the steps of the visitor experience, from a decision to visit, to arrival and parking, use of information and enjoyment of the place itself.

Our audits are practical and constructive and we highlight what is already being done well as well as things that need improving. Our audits can address your whole venue, or focus specifically on visitor information and how to ensure your communications reach the widest audience..

How will an audit help my venue?

An audit will identify prioriites for site improvement works, from easy low-cost fixes to more substantial changes. An audit can support funding bids and development plans and provide material for visitor information.

Our access audit will:

  • identify barriers to access and recommend actions to remove, adapt or avoid them.
  • recommend ways to enhance and diversify the visitor experience.
  • prioritise low-cost improvements that can be made easily and quickly, as well as more significant capital works.
  • help you avoid costly retrofits and remedial works.


How to commission an access audit

Contact us by email or telephone to outline your requirements and we will be pleased to explore how we can best help you. 

Examples of access audits

Enhanced accessibility and visitor appeal at the Eden Project

Visitors at the Eden Project, Cornwall

Balancing heritage conservation with access improvements

Luxylan Valley viaduct, Cornwall

Improving access to nature reserves, woodlands and countryside

Group consulting as part of a countryside access review