The Access Chain: an inclusive design tool

Least Restrictive Access

All of the work that you undertake should have the principle of Least Restrictive Access (LRA) applied to it. The principle of LRA requires that any work, whether planned improvement or ad hoc maintenance, should meet the highest standards of access possible for that work. For instance, if you plan to upgrade the paths at a site, then they should be improved to meet published standards for access such as contained in the Countryside Agency’s By All Reasonable Means or Fieldfare Trust’s BT Countryside for All. Similarly, if you develop a web site that promotes your site, it should be accessible to web access standards published by the Web Access Initiative.

There are standards for access for most of the work you will undertake using the Access Chain. Work to the highest standards you can. If you cannot achieve the highest standards, because of factors such as funding, topography and so on, then you should choose the next highest standards, and the reason for this choice should be clearly documented.

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For a more concise summary, download our Access Chain summary (pdf 378k). Also available as Access Chain text only version.