The Access Chain: an inclusive design tool

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When considering actions as part of an access chain review it is essential to listen to the views of disabled people and other excluded groups. Who are these excluded people? Take a look at your site's surrounding population. For instance, if there are many elderly people in the neighbourhood but few use the site, why aren’t they using it? You will find contact numbers for local disability and other groups in the phone book, or through your local access officer. Meet them and listen to their views. What do they want to do at your site? What currently prevents them doing it? Getting people involved in planning helps ensure that the improvements that you make are valuable and sustainable. Working openly with people also helps demonstrate what improvements are practicable and keeps expectations realistic. It can also be great fun. Enjoy.

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For a more concise summary, download our Access Chain summary (pdf 378k). Also available as Access Chain text only version.