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A diagram showing the different steps involved in planning an access strategy

Links to other sources of access guidance

Sources of guidance to help with improving access to parks, gardens and countryside. These links will help you find information about legislation, standards and good practice.

A good practice guide to countryside access for disabled people (2005) Fieldfare Trust
Guidance to help countryside managers maximise opportunities for disabled people to access the countryside. The associated access standards continue to be used as a benchmark and the guide has been extended to cover Least Restrictive Access, path networks, access surveys and audits. Currently free to download from the Fieldfare Trust website although this is likely to change since the closure of the organisation.

By All Reasonable Means (2005) Natural England (2017) Natural Resources Wales
Guide produced by the Sensory Trust for Natural England and recently updated for Natural Resources Wales. Available for free download.

Plain English Campaign
A-Z of alternative words to help produce clearer writing.

Cymraeg Clir
Practical guidance for Welsh writing. Clear and easy to understand.

Easy Access to Historic Landscapes (2015) Historic England
Advises on improving access in heritage settings and while it responds to the Equality Act 2010 it focuses on visitors with disabilities. Its companion publication ‘Easy Access to Historic Buildings’ provides valuable information for buildings.
Free to download from the Historic England website.

DEFRA Good Practice Guidance on Public Path Structures
Guidance for local authorities on compliance with the Equality Act 2010

Understanding the DEFRA Guidance on Public Path Structures – an overview by the Pittecroft Trust

Inclusive mobility: A guide to best practice on access to pedestrians and transport infrastructure Department for Transport, 2002
Relates mainly to the urban environment, and the higher access standards outlined in this guide, but provides valuable information about inclusive design guidelines and specifications.
Free downloads – Welsh, English, .pdf and .rtf versions available

Planning for Inclusive Access in Wales
Good Practice Guidance Toolkit produced by Disability Wales in 2010. Free to download from the Disability Wales website.

Sensory Trust Access Guidance
Guidance on all aspects of inclusive design and accessible practices, from paths and routes, to seating, play and interpretation. Free to download from the Sensory Trust website.

The Sign Design Guide, a guide to inclusive signage. Peter Barker and June Fraser, Sign Design Society and RNIB

Essential guidance for the development of clear signage and wayfinding.

Legislation and policy documents

Building Regulations 2010. Approved Document M: Access to and Use of Buildings

NBS (National Building Specifications), 2004 edition with 2010 changes.
BS 8300:2009+A1:2010. Design of Buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people: Code of Practice. British Standards Institute

BS 5709:2006. Gaps, gates and stiles. British Standards Institute

Explaining the key rules of BS 5709:2006: a guide by the Pittecroft Trust

CRoW, the National Archives

Statutory legislation and HMSO documents

Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice: Services, Public Functions and Associations Statutory Code of Practice. London: Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2011

National Planning Policy Framework. Department for Communities and Local Government, 2012

Open Access (Wales), Natural Resources Wales

The Well Being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015

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