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Example of a nature mobile with flowers and leaves

Nature mobile

Bring the outdoors in and enjoy all nature's colours and textures. A nature mobile is perfect for bringing nature indoors, either in the making or when the mobile is finished.

Nature mobiles are a great way to bring nature and the outdoors into the home or classroom. The activity can be repeated throughout the seasons and will always give you a different and interesting end result. The mobiles can easily be transformed into bird feeders which will look fantastic in the garden.

You will need

  • 1 x large stick
  • 3 x smaller sticks
  • 3 x lengths of yarn (1 shorter than the others)
  • 1 x length of ribbon for hanging


1. Take the larger, thicker stick and tie the piece of ribbon around it to make a loop which will serve as your hook to hang the mobile up. The hook should now be facing upwards.

2. On the underside tie the three pieces of yarn equally spaced out along the stick with the shorter length in the middle.

3. You will now need to tie some loops in your lengths of yarn, this enables you to thread through your leaves, flowers, berries and anything else you find. By using the technique below to tie your loop you can re-use your yarn and add new items whenever you want.

4. Now tie the remaining three twigs around the ends of the hanging yarn in a horizontal position so that they can act as a perch for other nature materials (or birds).

5. If you would like to make your mobile a bird feeder try winding some garden twine around one of the bottom twigs/perches and threading on some dried or fresh fruit.

6. Don’t worry if your mobile doesn’t hang straight, you may need to move things around to balance it out. Have fun, try different materials and see what works best! Nature mobiles are really flexible and reusable. Just remove your nature items from the yarn and pull on both sides of the loop, this should undo the loop so that your basic structure is ready to be reused again. Why not try doing a new mobile as the seasons change, see if you can find different items to hang

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