Community Buildings

Sensory Trust is working with local community organisations and Parish Councils to find creative ways to engage with local people about how to expand the use of their local community buildings.

What will I be? Poster inviting local people to share ideas for their local hallLuxulyan memorial institute

Working with the Parish Council we designed and ran an event which asked people for their ideas about what should happen to the Luxulyan Memorial Institute. The institute has been in the village since 1924 but today is hardly used.

The results of the day have given the parish council the confidence to act on behalf of the community when making decisions about the hall. It has also provided the chance for local people to get involved in the future of the hall, a part of their local heritage and history.

Community engagement event with comments strung on washing lines Community event has cake and bunting

Treverbyn Community Hall posterTrevebyn Community Hall

The church committee in Treverbyn owns a hall that they would like the local community to use. Working with the committee we designed and ran a day where local people were invited to tell us what they would like to use the hall for. The results were given to a local architect who used them to draw up the plans for the potential refurbishment work due to be carried out on the hall.

The community’s desire to use the building will also be used to demonstrate evidence of need for future funding opportunities being developed as part of this refurbishment.

Signpost shows community themes at a community engagement eventPeople taking part in a community engagement

Rescorla community building

Working with the Rescorla Community Committee we ran an engagement event as part of the Rescorla Festival asking people what they wanted to use the Rescorla Hall for. The results have assisted the committee to prioritise the hall’s activities.


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