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Lizard on a wooden post

Myths and legends

Uncover the symbolism in nature through this activity that connects plants with stories. This activity requires little preparation and is great for anyone interested in using story and memory.

This activity is an opportunity to explore the symbolism and folklore associated with different plants. We have compiled a list of myths, legends and facts around different plants and collated them by season.

This is a great go-to activity that doesn’t require too much preparation. The stories are a good way of conjuring memories and inspiring people to take a closer interest in a range of familiar plants.

Collecting the materials can be an additional activity in advance but bear in mind the plants that are chosen should have interesting facts that you know about or have time to look up beforehand!

"Roman commanders were presented with crowns of oak leaves during their victory parades, and oak leaves have continued as decorative icons of military prowess to the present day"

"Lily of the Valley symbolises humility; purity and the return of happiness"

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