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The thin card from Sensory Trust's gofindit game

gofindit card game

gofindit is our sensory outdoor scavenger hunt in the form of a card game. Such a simple idea, great fun and you can play it anywhere.

What is gofindit?

gofindit is an instant natural scavenger hunt, a simple, sensory, fun card game that can be played anywhere... down on the farm, at a picnic in the park, on a walk in the woods, at the beach... wherever.

gofindit can be played by children and adults alike and no two games will be the same. The game consists of 32 uniquely designed cards in a small drawstring bag which represent different sensations and sensory characteristics you can find outdoors in nature. You can even get a gofindit duffle bag to keep all your natural treasures in!

What is a scavenger hunt card game?

A scavenger hunt card game takes the traditional scavenger hunt and turns it into a travel card game that you can take anywhere.

Players can play on their own or against others to be the first to find objects on the cards. With gofindit, our nature scavenger hunt card game, you are encouraged to get hands-on and nose-deep to find items in the natural world.

What are the benefits of nature scavenger hunts?

Nature scavenger hunts encourage observation, creativity, and exploration as players search for objects that match the criteria on their cards. Players are encouraged to not just look at nature but get close up and interact. This interaction helps forge a connection with nature and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

gofindit specifically encourages players to use all their senses to find objects in nature. This involves listening, smelling and touching as well as looking.

Introducing gofindit too - our follow up game to gofindit

gofindit too is a follow-up to our popular game gofindit. It is an instant natural treasure hunt that invites you to use all your senses. gofindit too can be played as a standalone game or combined with gofindit to create the ultimate nature treasure hunt.

Players are encouraged to develop a curiosity of the natural world through hands-on sensory exploration. What's more, the uniquely designed cards help develop word recognition and language development through play.

gofindit sinnsationelle spurensuche

We are delighted to be able to respond to demand and produce gofindit in German language. The same great game, expertly translated into German for more people to enjoy. Available from and our own shop

gofindit cards are laid flat on a surface with various nature finds surrounding them

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