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Butterfly feeding on a lavender flower

The lifecycle of a butterfly

A butterfly lifecycle activity with sensory learning

Explore the lifecycle of a butterfly using sensory experiences and kinaesthetic learning.

The aim of this activity is to understand there are different stages in the life of a butterfly. A sensory experience whilst learning appeals to all individuals and communicates meaning which can create more connections in the brain. It is especially important for young people who do not necessarily communicate with language to share in the learning. For those who do use verbal communication the sensory experiences supports language development and cognitive growth which leads to the ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

You will need

  • Butterfly lifecycle kit, introduction, 8 prompt instruction cards, fingerprint worksheets (all available to download and print below)
  • Floaty material such as a chiffon scarf
  • Yellow hook and loop dots
  • Green felt in the shape of a leaf
  • Mustard
  • Clay
  • Balls of wool
  • Rulers
  • Ink pad


Lay out your lifecycle in order, print and prepare the fingerprint worksheets if not already prepared. Print and cut out the prompt instruction cards and cut if not already prepared. Make up the mustard smell into a smell pot.