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01 Dec 2021

5 tips to help your class get outside more often

Our top tips for successful outdoor learning sessions

Article by Rosie Biggs

5 tips to help your class get outside more often

We are all aware of the benefits of getting outside, especially for children, but sometimes the biggest obstacle can be getting out in the first place.

We’ve come up with a list of tips and advice to help you (and the kids) feel more confident getting outside for some outdoor learning.

  1. Start off small. That's distance or size of the group! Why not try just going to the end of the road and coming back again - especially if walking off site is a big deal for your students.
  2. Utilise the familiar. If there’s a trip you do often, like walking to the local shop, why not see what nature activities you can do on a familiar trip – this will help with the transition.
  3. Get comfortable. Dress for the weather - especially this time of year, no one wants to be cold and wet! If you work in a school and getting the students to remember to bring in outdoor clothing is a massive challenge in and of itself; gather your own stash at school. Contact parents and other teachers and ask for some donations – or put out requests on Facebook groups.
  4. Back pocket activity. Have an activity or game in mind to distract if needed! Our gofindit cards are great for this - small and portable and can be used in any environment. Or head to our resources page where we have loads more free ideas.
  5. Keep it regular. A great way to take the pressure of yourself is to make it a regular time, for example, Wednesday afternoons or Tuesday mornings can be ‘outdoor learning time’ and no matter the weather, try your best to get outside. Another way to make it easier on yourself is to plan ahead, so come up with a month or a half term list of ideas. That way not only do you know where you’re going, but so do the children – which can help relieve anxiety for both of you!

Good luck and if you need any more ideas or advice - please get in touch, we'd love to help where we can!