About the Sensory Trust

The Sensory Trust is a leading authority on inclusive and sensory design. We make places accessible, attractive and meaningful for everyone, regardless of age, disability or background.

We are a UK registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our remit is national and at times international through the relationships we've built with like-minded organisations and individuals in mainland Europe, Japan, USA and Australia. Currently we are exploring exciting new collaborations in China.

We are based in Cornwall, south west UK, where we work closely with the Eden Project, helping ensure that visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy this fantastic venue. Our work has helped Eden become a leading example of accessible visitor destination and has led to us developing tools like the Social Sustainability Toolkit to share the learnings and approaches as widely as possible.

We run a rich mix of projects, supported through grant funding and consultancy work. Our recent work has focused on making places and communities in ways that support older people and people living with dementia. We have been extending our sensory engagement techniques to the world of farming, creating sensory rich visits for people who would not normally have access to these opportunities. And more locally, we have been working with the communities of one of the most economically challenged areas of Cornwall to support new initiatives like community cafes and new access trails.

We have a rich portfolio of consultancy work and recent clients have included Eden Project, Natural England, Forestry Commission, National Trust, Dame Hannahs and architectural design practices such as Grimshaws and Jerry Tate architects.

Our multidisciplinary team bring experience from different sectors - environment, arts, creative media, business and education - and skills in inclusive design, community engagement, project development, information design, resource development and sensory design/engagement. We have an extended network of people we know well and who work with us as consultants, adding extra capacity and specialist expertise when the opportunities arise.

Our robust financial management systems are independently audited and we have over twenty years' experience of successfully managing large and small projects.