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Small pink Allium flower head

Smell it, sense it, know it

Follow your nose, explore the outside, sniffing different scents and guessing whether they are designed to attract or repel.

The aim of this activity is to explore our sense of smell and learn about the purpose of smells in nature.

This activity is great for waking up our sense of smell. It is a sense that isn’t used as much in traditional lessons and can be an effective stimulus for all children. For some students, smell can be a trigger, so it’s about providing a context and structured opportunity to try new approaches.

You will need

  • Smells! This activity has been designed to be done outdoors, so we would recommend discovering smells in the natural environment before you start.
  • Print out the PDF download worksheets below that accompany this activity, some are for recording and others for understanding more about how we smell.
  • Clipboards (optional) for recording, especially if doing this activity outside.

If possible, move around an area outside, smelling different scents and guessing whether the smell is designed to attract or repel. If necessary this activity can be done indoors, and with oils or the actual plant.