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Lunar calendar partially completed with two pens in the foreground

Lunar Calendar

Track the different phases of the moon with this fun and simple activity

Observing the different phases of the moon helps ground and connect us with each day whilst also allowing us to appreciate the higher power of mother nature. This simple activity can be done as often as you like and of course depends on cloud cover each night.

Birds eye view of a partially completed lunar calendar activity

How to

Download and print the below template.

Each night, where possible, look up at the moon and note its shape. Find the day of the week on your template and shade in the shape of the moon. Add the date to the calendar in the relevant square.

If it's too cloudy to see the moon you can also note this on your calendar or miss the day out.

We've intentionally only given you the days of the week so that you can begin at any point of the month.

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