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Props for sensory stories

Sensory Stories

A sensory story is a short story of 7-10 sentences designed to engage the senses. Each sentence is matched with a sensory input to animate it.

We are not currently offering any Sensory Story training due to government restrictions and safety issues.

This is a one-day workshop for special needs schools to co-author a sensory story. The students will work collaboratively to creative their very own sensory story that will be shared at the end of the day

Sensory Trust is proud to be working in collaboration with Joanna Grace from The Sensory Project on this training programme.

Outline of the day

Scene setting. An Introductory sensory story.

Class workshops to explore a range of nature based sensory stimuli, approximately half hour sessions with a relaxed informal approach. Students will have a few minutes to explore each stimulus with support staff recording their reactions. There will be seven stimuli to explore linked to the seven main senses.

Your story - we will then use the responses and observations to co-author a bespoke story for your school.

The whole school gathers together to share the story. The story can be repeated several times to get a good understanding. We will celebrate the achievement of the school’s co-authoring.

Certificates of achievements will be given to the authors that have made special contributions.

Follow-up we will send you an electronic copy of the story which you can use to repeat the story anytime. This will include guidance on the best way to deliver your sensory story and a list of the sensory stimuli you will need. We will also provide you with advice on how you can create your own stories with your students.

"What a day! Thank you so much for bringing joy, connection, creativity and storytelling to us."

Paul Tarling, National Star college


  • We can work with up to four classes in one day.
  • This workshop is presented in collaboration with Joanna Grace from The Sensory Project
  • Prices start from £900 per day


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