Nature based dementia activities

Are you looking for dementia activities, ideas and games? We have developed a collection of activities and games for people living with dementia and memory issues.

Our Sensory Trust activities responsed to the need for simple, nature based activities designed specifically with dementia in mind. All activities have been tested with the help of memory cafes, care homes and activity clubs. 

Our products work well alongside a cognitive stimulation therapy programme or as stand alone activities to be done in the home or in a care setting. 

Take it all in: mindfulness for dementia activity

Bespoke mindfulness for dementia activity designed by Sensory Trust.

Take it all in a mindfulness for dementia activity

Did you know that there are proven links between practicing mindfulness meditation and easing some of the symptoms of dementia? 

Take it all in is based on the principles of mindfulness meditation and helps people to focus on the here and now rather than worrying about the future and what they can or can’t remember. It is a quiet and calming guided mindfulness activity that is designed to encourage people to take a bit of time to really enjoy the benefits of contact with nature and being outdoors. This is a great activity for couples or family members to do together and is also suitable for care home activity groups and dementia memory cafes.

Activity includes 5 bags which take you through the process of being mindful in nature.

  • Bags can be reused and we recommend doing this activity on a regular basis
  • Includes step by step instructions to guide you through the process of meditation and mindfulness
  • No previous experience in meditation is required

Read more about the principles behind mindfulness for dementia

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Getting to know you: An outdoor picture book with accompanying prompts

A bespoke nature based dementia activity designed by Sensory Trust.

getting to know you book by Sensory Trust

By understanding how someone has related to nature and the outdoors throughout their life we can consider the type of activity they might like to do now. This is a great activity for dementia care homes, day centres, activity clubs or anyone wishing to keep that connection with a loved one whilst at home. 

Getting to know you is an outdoor picture book which comprises of a collection of nature based images for you to look at and talk about together giving an insight into feelings about the outdoors, memories and any particular activities that are of interest. The pictures in the book have been chosen to represent a broad range of environments, experiences and activities. The book can be used as a reminiscence tool to talk about things such as picnics, bird watching, picking strawberries or growing flowers. It can also be used to talk about activities in people’s lives now.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for conversation starters around the images; we have also produced a prompt book which is included and can be used alongside the photo book to help prompt and inspire sensory rich conversations around each image.  Why not take it one step further and use the prompt suggestions to gather physical items to touch, smell and taste whilst going through the book. This handy little book can be used by anyone and forms a great base to inspire inter-generational conversations.

  • Photo book includes 25 full colour images 
  • Prompt book includes sensory conversation prompts to all images
  • Full Instructions included in first page of each book
  • Price includes both books and postag

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"Over the month, we have used the getting to know you books several times with various residents who range from mild to severe dementia. In almost all instances, the book was well received and considered a success.
Those with mild dementia enjoyed reminiscing while those with more severe dementia enjoyed looking at the pictures. The staff also appreciated the accompanying prompt book and found it incredibly useful."

Take it all in being used

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