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components of a sensory story about trees

Sensory Story: a day in the life of a tree

a sensory story about the processes that occur in the daily life of a tree, what it needs to thrive and what it does to survive.

This is a sensory story to understand and learn about what a tree does over the course of a day. Prepare the props and follow the story to deliver an engaging experience.

Before you start you will need

  • Make up the smell experience. The smell of tannin can be recreated with an old piece of leather or by using plain Listerine mouthwash on a piece of cotton pad in a small pot
  • For the taste experience we recommend vegan, gluten free berry gummies. You could also use sugared water or juice and use a pipette to drip onto the young person’s lips
  • Red acetate
  • Something to represent a caterpillar or a soft toy caterpillar
  • Something to represent carbon dioxide and oxygen (we used the chemical symbols in the form of 3D letters mounted on board)


Make sure all the components of the story are ready and in the order of which you will use them. Download the story below and familiarise yourself with the details.