More Than Words

Making heritage accessible through co-desiged, sensory-rich, inclusive interpretation.

Sensory exploration at King Edward Mine

More Than Words will use sensory rich interpretation to encourage more people to visit and engage with heritage sites. It will open up heritage to new and wider audiences enabling everyone to engage regardless of age or ability. In turn this will bring wellbeing benefits to the people who need them the most.

Coming up in 2019

We will be creating new guidance for improving access to the countryside and green space and disseminating this nationally.

We will also be running events at the following heritage sites in Cornwall

  • Geevor Tin Mine
  • King Edward Mine
  • Kressen Kernow
  • Wheal Martyn
  • Harvey's Foundry Trust

Industrial heritage can involve complex processes and concepts which often results in dense, information-heavy interpretation which can be inaccessible to many visitors. By focusing on sensory experiences, we will create opportunities for a wider audience to engage and connect with Cornwall’s industrial past and the natural heritage which is its legacy.

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Interested in an access audit?

Sensory Trust undertakes access audits for heritage and contemporary venues. Read more about our access audit consultancy >>

Sensory guides and apps to heritage destinations

images from the Fish Tales app made by Sensory Trust

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