Sensory Trust Access Audit:
improving accessibility of the Luxulan Valley World Heritage Site, mid Cornwall

Luxulyan Valley Treffry Viaduct, Cornwall

Luxulyan Valley is The wooded valley landscape is interlaced by streams, paths and remnants of industrial structures, most notably the Treffry Viaduct, and these carry the stories of a once vibrant mining industry. It gained UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Major conservation works are being progressed by Cornwall Council and Cornwall Heritage Trust, supported by a Heritage Lottery Fund development grant.

Central to the plans is a programme of activities to encourage more and different people to visit the valley, create opportunities for family learning and local schools and for local people to be involved in training and volunteering opportunities. The Sensory Trust is contributing with an access audit and advice on inclusive design to inform the plans for visitor wayfinding and interpretation.

Aims of the audit

The aim of the access audit is to improve accessibility through the valley so the site can be enjoyed by visitors with disabilities. The combination of gradients, distances, variable path surfaces and high rainfall present challenges. The priority is to ensure that visitors can reach the highlights, for example the viaduct, and this means thinking about parking and drop-off locations as well as access through the valley itself.

The review uses our access chain to follow the journey of a visitor, from arrival to parking and enjoyment of the different areas of the gardens. It highlights barriers that get in the way of people enjoying their visit, and recommends actions to remove them. It also identifies where opportunities could be developed to engage people more directly through the different senses - of particular value to people who don’t have sight as their primary sense, but also a great way to enrich the experience for everyone.

The audit is informing the development of the the interpretation and activity plans, as well as highlighting options for improving physical accessiblity through the valley.

Interested in an access audit?

Sensory Trust undertakes access audits for heritage and contemporary venues. Read more about our access audit consultancy >>


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