Discovery BagDiscovery Bags

Discovery Bags have been designed to make the farm visits engaging and sensory-rich and have been created to work with all groups involved in the project.

The bags' contents have been refined and tested with different groups over the course of several years by Sensory Trust.

They contain a number of activities and pieces of equipment items designed to help participants engage with their environment using different senses and can also form a basis for activities once the visitors are back home or back in the classroom.

The contents include:

  • 1 Picture frame (in jute bag)
  • 2 Magnifying glass (in jute bag)
  • 3 Crayons and calico (in jute bag)
  • 4 Mirror (in jute bag)
  • Clay (in jute bag)
  • Sound map
  • Pencil
  • Nature palette
  • Collection bags
  • Magnifying box
  • Fortune teller
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Seeds

The bags come with a guide containing suggestions on how to use the items. The suggestions are intended as a starting point and hosts can use the bags in any way that fits with the visit.

All of the items in the Discovery Bags have been chosen and developed to help focus the different senses in order to explore the natural environment more closely. They are often the starting point for conversation and the items and activities are often an excellent way for participants to share their discoveries.


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