Changing Places toilet at the Eden Project

We're delighted to have worked with Eden on the Changing Places project - we have a design that is joyful as well as functional and shows that great design and accessible buildings do go hand in hand. We think we can confidently say it's the brightest, zingiest Changing Places the world has seen. With bright orange walls, pictures and wine red floor it brings festive touches to the world of accessible design. There's not a hint of beige here.

Changing Places toilet at Eden Project

The difference it makes to a visit

A great day at Eden is now open to people who face the toughest barriers to getting out and about. The new facility means that people with profound and multiple disabilities can go out for the day, not just to Eden but elsewhere in the area too.

Rachel George, who visits Eden regularly with her four-year-old disabled son Adam, said: “A facility like this makes the difference between visiting somewhere for a couple of hours and being able to stay for a day. It’s fabulous.”

Launch of Eden's Changing Places attended by disabled people in Cornwall.

Eden's Changing Places was launched on 23rd May 2011.

Changing Places toilets are different to standard accessible toilets with extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their carers. It includes a height adjustable changing bench, a hoist system, shower and space for a disabled person and up to two carers. The 13-square metre amenity at Eden has been funded by the Aiming High programme through Cornwall Council. It is open to Eden visitors, staff and the general public.

Tony Kendle, Eden's Foundation Director, said: “It has always been our ambition to make Eden as accessible as we can to anyone who wants to come. Thanks to the work of our very dedicated staff who really believe in this issue and partnerships with Cornwall Council, the Sensory Trust and the Changing Places campaign, we’re really pleased that we’ve been able to make this important step forward.”

The existance of these facilities in public places around the country is thanks to the great work of the Changing Places Consortium. We hope this will inspire others to follow suit.

Key design features

  • Attractive, good quality design, no hint of institutional look and feel
  • Good visual contrast between fittings and walls (in this case white against orange)
  • The basin is a good size, has an easy to use lever tap, good contrast with the wall and adjustable height
  • The changing table is easy to use with adjustable height and remote control
  • The hoist has a remote control and is on a multi-track so it can move anywhere in the room

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