Dementia uncovered

A series of films giving a voice to people living with dementia

As part of our Creative Spaces project, artists have produced films and animations to interpret poetry written with people with dementia in Cornwall. Sensory Trust and FEAST commissioned artists - Brett Harvey, Richard Liddicott, Andrew de Freitas, Paul Farmer, Daryl Waller, Ian Bucknole and Ruth Purdy, chosen for their innovative approach with digital media. The digitial works give people living with dementia the chance to share their experiences and stories with their loved ones and the wider world.

The commissions are being used to improve understanding of dementia for those in early diagnosis, carers working in homes and in healthcare settings, young people as well as the wider public. They will help communicate the importance of supporting people living with dementia through visits and social activities. The digital work is being shared online, at workshops, in care homes and at conferences across the UK, do get in touch if you can help us share more widely.

The films were launched at Cornwall Film festival on Saturday 10th November 2012.


Watch the full show reel



Behind the scenes - read about the background to the poetry which was the basis for the films

Poetry for the senses - see how our simple nature-based activities inspire people with dementia to make poetry

Watch the individual films

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Richard Liddicott

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