Our Clay Trails - a short film about what the clay trails in mid Cornwall mean to local people with learning disabilities

The landscape surrounding St Austell and its neighbouring villages in mid Cornwall is filled with china clay tips, pits, engine houses and waterways, the carriers of the stories from 250 years of china clay mining. It is dramatic scenery and a fascinating area to explore.

The area has been made more accessible by the development of a network of trails for walking, cycling and horse riding. These trails, and encouraging their greater use, is the focus for a project between Sensory Trust and Eden Project.

Our Clay Trails is a short film about the relationship between the trails and its local people. People with learning disabilities, from the local Blantyre Centre, go out every week to litter pick and help keep the trails tidy. It's a two way gain. The trails receive important love and care, and the group gain the benefits of being outdoors, meeting people and giving something to their local community.

The mining and sifting of the film content has been by Heidi Morgan. Moulding and making the film is thanks to the talents of Richard Liddicott of Soul Deep Media.


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