New film - on yer bike!

Off road biking is a hot topic in the clay area, both with the bikers themselves and also for local residents who struggle with the noise the bikes create. The temptation to ride the bikes illegally on private land also causes problems for landowners as well as the police and community support officers.

We have worked with a group of young bikers to make a film which gives everyone a chance to have a say about off road biking in the hope that it will lead to a positive outcome for all.

The film gives an insight into off road biking, incorporating the views of the young people, professional off road bikers, the local police and landowners. The film provides the opportunity for the bikers to demonstrate their skills and to describe what they would like to see happen in the area. It also gives a chance to Imerys (the biggest landowner) to respond to the bikers questions. All this is put in context by two local PCSO’s who have built a great relationship with the bikers and who are both keen to find a solution to the issue.

The film is being shared with local young people and local residents. We have also organised screenings with nearby youth groups.

“I am Police Community Support Officer 30480 Alan Bull and my current patch covers the Penwithick and Bugle areas. Most of the surrounding areas of these villages are covered by Clay pits and off road biking is a large problem. Working with the Sensory Trust has been a really good experience and they have enabled us to be able to guide people to a film that highlights the need of an off road bike track. I also feel that it promotes the riders in a good light and would change the opinion of a number of residents in the villages that have an image of these riders which is far from the truth. This film now means we can show these people this film and give them a better understanding. I would like to thank the Sensory Trust for this tool.” (Alan Bull, PCSO)

If you would more information, or to share the film, please contact Victoria Hutchinson at email or phone 01726 222900.

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On yer bike film

One of the parents, who is a biker along with his son, said about the film “It’s so refreshing that someone’s trying to do something positive about this, rather than just complaining. It’ll be really great if a site could come out of this.”

'On yer bike' was produced by Heidi Morgan as part of the Community Capactity Building project, with expert film making by Richard Liddicott.