Ask conference in Tokyo

Sensory Trust and the Association for Children's Environment (ACE, Japan) held a successful one-day conference in Tokyo, Japan. "Learning from Nature: environmental facilities in UK and Japan" was attended by university professors and students, and practitioners from botanic gardens, museums, design firms, environmental groups, amusement parks, schools, local governments and disabled peoples' organisations.

Speakers included Mitsuru Senda (Director, ACE), Lynsey Robinson (Inclusive Designer, Sensory Trust), Stuart Spurring (Information Designer, Sensory Trust), Ko Senda and Hee-Kyung Chang (ACE), Yosuke Shirakawa (Eden Project), George Elworthy (Operations director, Eden Project) and Jo Elworthy (Director of Learning, Eden Project).

The conference was part of the Ask project, a UK-Japan initiative funded by the Japan Foundation, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

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