Poster for Agents of Change conferenceAgents of Change - Strelka Institute, Moscow

This summer Stelka launched 'Agents of Change', a programme bringing together people involved in transformating urban life. "The heroes are citizens. The site is Moscow. The purpose is to share change, understand what it is and investigate and celebrate how it happen" (Strelka).

An invitation to participate took Jane Stoneham to Moscow on the 10th August, where she talked about inclusive approaches to urban place making, showing the issues involved, ways of overcoming the challenges and highlighting positive examples from round the world.

Strelka Institute is a non-profit organization, part of a recent urban renewal project and based in renovated buildings that used to be part of the Red October chocolate factory in central Moscow. It provides free tuition for international young specialists with backgrounds in architecture, design, social sciences, etc. Its courtyard hosts open lectures, conferences and film screenings. Its bar provides both a place for the social networking of creative people from around the globe and a source of Strelka’s financial backing: what the bar earns goes to support the institute.

Jane Stoneham talked at Strelka Institute's summer programme in Moscow

Strelka Institute is in central Moscow, park of a refurbished chocolate factory

To find out more about Strelka visit the Strelka Institute website.