Public Parks Keep Out conference Nov 2003

We worked in partnership with GreenSpace to run this international conference, highlighting the importance of making parks and green spaces accessible to everyone.

Hosted in Manchester by the City Council, the conference was an opportunity for delegates to hear presentations about inclusive design, community involvement, and policy relating to the DDA and evaluation.

Sensory Trust was busy behind the scenes as well as running practical sensory mapping sessions and presenting - Jane Stoneham gave an overview of the Sensory Trust's approach to inclusive design illustrated by international examples of good practice.

Presenters also joined us from the USA - Valerie Fletcher highlighted the great work of Adaptive Environments based in Boston and working on projects around the world.

Site visits took us to two of Manchester’s green spaces. At Wythenshawe Park delegates enjoyed a tour with John Steedman and Steve Downey from the parks department, who run a horticultural programme for people with learning difficulties. And we ran a practical session to demonstrate the application of our new sensory mapping evaluation tool.

At Hulme Park the principle Landscape Architect Neil Swanson gave an overview of the recent regeneration work in the park.

A lively evening auction produced proceeds for the Royal Schools for the Deaf in Manchester - a great example of a school that has made great use of its landscape.

Download the conference report (pdf 500k)

Jane Stoneham talks at the Public Parks conference in 2003

Jane Stoneham talking about inclusive approaches to greenspace design and management

Picture of delegates at Wythenshawe Park.  They are listening to  Steve Downey giving an overview of the park.

Plenty of time for networking

Picture of networking frenzy at the conference.  People are sitting round tables drinking coffee.

Neil Swanson talks about recent regeneration work in Hulme Park