Our conferences are designed to share ideas, bring people together and to put the spotlight on great work. We like to mix things up and often plan conferences that cross professional boundaries and encourage a mix of disciplines to come together and discover common ground. In our experience this is how the best ideas emerge.

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Highlights from previous conferences and events

Let Nature Feed Your Senses conferences

Part of our Let Nature Feed Your Senses project with LEAF, these annual conferences from 2010 - 2013 brought together farmers, environmental organisations and community groups to learn how sensory-rich experiences, play, drawing and stories help make connections with nature, food and farming for people who don't normally have the chance.

UK Dementia conferences

Participating in conferences, and organising our own events, has been an important part of our Creative Spaces project. We particularly value them as an opportunity to get together with specialists from around the world to put a spotlight on the importance of connecting older people with dementia with nature, the outdoors and their local communities.

Place based learning, Burrenbeo, Ireland 2012

The Burrenbeo Trust is working to make the Burren a centre of place based learning in Ireland and Jane Stoneham joined others from around the world to explore creative ideas at the Burrenbeo's international place based learning conference in Ireland this summer.

A Sense of Place conference series

Our first Sense of Place conference was in 2004. Sense of Place is about how we make better places. It is about making connections: connections between people and their environment; between people who didn’t realise they need to work together; and between ideas that have never existed in the same room before. To read more and to download conference reports follow these links:

Accessible Heritage

A series of conferences focused on improving access to historic landscapes, parks and countryside and following the production of two guides by the Sensory Trust: Easy Access to Historic Landscapes for English Heritage, and By All Reasonable Means for the Countryside Agency. Read more about the publications >>

Learning from nature: environmental facilities in UK and Japan

Sensory Trust and the Association for Children's Environment (ACE, Japan) held this successful one-day conference in Tokyo, Japan. Led by Lynsey Robinson, it was attended by university professors and students, and practitioners from botanic gardens, museums, design firms, environmental groups, amusement parks, schools, local governments and disabled peoples' organisations. Read more about the Ask project >>