Supporting dementia through psycho-social approaches

Conferences are an important opportunity for us to share our work, learn about interesting innovations and make new connections.

Our most recent conference explored psychosocial approaches and how the Third Sector can work in partnership with the NHS to meet the objectives of the National Dementia Strategy whilst reducing the pressure on GPs and other NHS services. The conference in Truro, Cornwall, was organised by the Cornwall Creative Dementia Alliance (CCDA) and you can read more about the programme and download the talks from the CCDA website.


UK Dementia Congress 2013

The UK Dementia Congress is the largest annual multidisciplinary dementia-focused event and exhibition in the UK and an important opportunity for us to talk about our Creative Spaces programme and the value of connecting older people living with dementia with their local places and communities.

It is a sad fact that people living with dementia often become socially isolated. Gardens and plant-related activities help reduce social isolation and rebuild connections that have been lost - they become places that bring people together, where young and old find things to share and where people feel connected with the natural rhythms of day to day life.

Creative Spaces conference poster


Dementia, Environment and Community

This Sensory Trust seminar in 2009 provided an insight into positive, creative and inspiring techniques that can be used to support and improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their families/carers. You can download the full report (Word 800k)


Latest findings from our Creative Spaces project show the benefits of the outdoors for people living with dementia.

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