Landscape Design for Elderly and Disabled PeopleLandscape Design for Elderly and Disabled People

Jane Stoneham and Peter Thoday

This book is full of ideas, examples and guidance on how to design landscapes that can be used and enjoyed by older people. It takes on board the changes that come with ageing - reduced mobility and stamina for example - and shows how thoughtful design ensures that gardens continue to be a source of inspiration and joy in the lives of older people.

The book highlights the significant benefits of gardens and plants to the social, physical and emotional health of older people. It is based on research that explored the preferences of older people for different styles of landscape, and highlighted the barriers that prevent older people from enjoying access to the outdoors.

The publication is relevant to anyone responsible for planning, designing and managing outdoor environments. While the examples draw mainly on residential landscapes, the principles are equally applicable to any public open space.

The publication includes -

  • Guidance on how to create high-interest, multi-season, low-maintenance landscapes to maximise interest and enjoyment for older people
  • How to incorporate opportunities to carry on gardening without the maintenance headaches
  • Design details for access, seating, shelter, planting, wildlife interest
  • How to accommodate the need for private and shared space
  • The importance of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Legislation

ISBN: 1 85341 033 0
148 pages, 45 colour & 59 line drawings

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