Sensory-rich activities: connecting people with the outdoors

Star gazing

Star gazing is a wonderful activity and one that often gets forgotten when thinking about nature based outdoor activities. This may be because it must be dark for it to work!

There may be a nervousness of not knowing what you are looking at, not being able to understand the night sky or name anything you can see. This however isn't necessary, what is important is to just to go out and look.

Perhaps one should start with what is meant by star gazing. It is not referred to as star watching or star looking but star gazing. To gaze at the stars.
Verb – look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
Noun – a steady intent look.

This expression gives us permission to simply spend some time looking up, taking it all in, letting our minds wander.


To star gaze it is not necessary to have a telescope or any other equipment. All you need is to go outside on a reasonably clear night. As this is a late in the day or a night time activity it can often be a bit cooler.

It is advisable to wrap up warm, layers are best to trap the heat in and a hat will go a long way to keeping warm.

If you can find a space you will be comfortable in this will help allow you to relax and tune in your senses. Seating is great if you are in one place, or a portable seat if moving around. Something like a sun lounger is ideal if you
need some support when reclining your head back.

Free downloadable star gazing instructions pdf (2593kb)


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