Sensory-rich activities: connecting people with the outdoors

Memory postcards

Memories connect us with places and each other. This is particularly important for older people with dementia and memory loss, and also for people with learning and communication disabilities.

memory postcards created by an older person with dementia

We use memory-based activities to help people communicate about the past, present and future. Memories are not always about staying in the past; they can help us to understand a person in the present and often lead to conversations about people's future hopes and dreams. The activity is low cost, easy to do and the finished product can be used to stimulate many conversations more than once.

This activity was designed for people living with dementia but can also be used with people with learning or communication disabilities. It focuses on making a collage of memories to prompt conversations.

Download the memory postcards instructions

Memory postcard instructions pdf (822kb)
Memory postcard instructions plain text


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