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Hoop and loop birdfeeders

Hoop and loop birdfeeders being made

Hoop and Loop is a simple fun activity that can be used by groups of varying abilities and requires very little set up time and preparation. This activity invites participants to create a bird feeder that they can then take home which is a great way of extending the experience of an outdoor visit. By using a breakfast cereal for this activity you can open up discussions about how cereals go from field to plate. Requires some dexterity and hand eye coordination.

You will need

Hoop/loop cereal such as Cheerios

Pipe cleaners

Tray or container for the cereal hoops


Pour out a pile of hoops onto some flat trays or boards and place a pile of pipe cleaners in the middle. Participants can thread hoops onto the pipe cleaners and then make any shape they desire. Try twisting pipe cleaners together to create larger structures. Once finished they can be hung on trees and used as bird feeders.

Looking to extend the activity?

Cereal hoops tend to be made out of different Try talking about different types of grain that can be made into breakfast cereals. What else can they be made into? Can you find any objects in your cupboard that are made from grains on a farm

Widgit users

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Hoop and loop instructions plain text

examples of making bird feeders with hoops


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