gofindit - a fantastically fun way to explore nature

What is gofindit?

gofindit is an instant natural treasure hunt with cards representing different sensations and sensory characteristics you can find in nature. It’s a really simple, fun game that can be played in many ways anywhere really, at a picnic in the park, on a walk in the woods, at the beach, on th way to school....anywhere!

gofindit thin card

Where did gofindit come from?

We created the game gofindit in 2014 following various pieces of project work where we were looking to encourage children of all ages to get more engaged with nature. We wanted to promote the sensory elements of natural objects such as the snap of a twig or the heavy and cold feeling of a stone in your palm. We subsequently trialled a few versions of a card game until we developed something that we were so confident with we wanted to share with everyone not just project participants!

We decided to crowdfund the production of the game and were overwhelmed with the interest and support we gained from around the globe from English language teachers in Dubai to forest school teachers in the US and card game fans in Brazil! Furthermore, gofindit isn’t just popular with children, we have had some brilliant successes using it as part of a cognitive stimulation therapy programme for older people with dementia.
gofindit is a brilliant excuse to get outside and really start taking in your environment, but don’t just take our word for it;

"What I love about this idea is that the child is working in a natural setting and using real items. It challenges the child to look closely at their natural environment, using all of their senses. This idea is something that will work in almost any natural setting, today we used it in our yard but would work just as well on a nature walk, in the woods, at the beach or park." How we Montessori


"I love that they are being active, using their senses and finding things to fit the description on the card. Sometimes this means using their imagination, too." babyfoote.com

gofindit is available to buy now from the Sensory Trust shop





We are proud to say that gofindit is now printed locally, less than 3 miles away from our office!