Updating the BT Countryside for All Good Practice Guide

Reviewing the existing guide to inform plans for a new update

Reviewing and updating the guidance

The Countryside for All Good Practice Guide is the benchmark reference for improving access to the countryside. It was published in 1997 by Fieldfare Trust and the copyright now sits with Paths for All. The latest version was updated in 2005.

Paths for All is now actively planning a review and update of the guide.

Sensory Trust has been commissioned to review the existing guide - what works well, and where the gaps are - and to collect ideas for what should be covered by the new version.

Aims of the original Countryside for All guide

The Countryside for All Good Practice Guide was originally produced to help disabled people and countryside access managers to recognise what countryside for all means and the tools and processes to work towards creating better countryside access.

Despite its age, the Guide remains an invaluable resource and the benchmark in the UK for the national physical access standard for the outdoors. However, some of the content is outdated and no longer provides the correct advice.

Aims of the new guide

The new Guide will provide advice on the legal context, proccess and design standards required to develop, manage and ensure inclusive access to the outdoors.It will be updated in line with the current legislation and standards, as well as other guidance and innovation in inclusive design and new technologies produced and developed since 2005. We will also be looking for examples of good practice and innovation to share as case studies.

The review and production of the new Guide will be managed by Paths for All in partnership with the members of a project steering group.

Timescale for production of the new guide

Timescales will inevitably be impacted by the current pandemic, but we are planning to complete the review by autumn 2020.

Being involved

This consultation period is inviting views UK-wide to shape the content of the new Guide and we have received an excellent response to the survey we ran in early summer - thank you to everyone who responded.

If you missed the chance to complete the survey but would like to share your perspectives on the guidance and plans to develop a new update, please email us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to connect.