A visitor experience review

As more venues are realising they can attract new and bigger audiences by improving the accessibility of their sites, we are seeing greater interest in how the whole visitor experience can be equally engaging for everyone. Adding richness through sensory engagement and greater

Our visitor experience review is designed to help. We will work with you to look at what's currently on offer and how this can be made richer and more diverse to engage the widest range of visitors.

Our visitor experience review will help you do this. It looks at the visitor experiences currently on offer, how well it connects with your different audiences and what improvements can be made. The recommended improvements will include simple, low-cost options, as well as larger, more expensive improvements that might be part of more major future developments.

It helps ensure that all visitors have the opportunity for a full and engaging overall visit, even if they don't all have access to the same individual features and activities.

The review can inform a redesign, an access review or plans for visitor interpretation, helping to identify priorities for access improvements and new design work.

We also advise on designing spaces to offer a more concentrated collection of sensory experiences. Sensory Gardens and Sensory Trails add another layer of richness to a site, improving the visitor experience and encouraging repeat visitors. Examples of work include the sensory garden at the Eden Project and the development of a trail at Stourhead Gardens for the National Trust to complement their existing historic and nature trails.

Scope of a review

Our review will usually include a site visit and discussion with site manager/developer followed by a written illustrated report to identify -

  • Existing sensory experiences, their accessibility and opportunities to enhance them
  • Potential sensory experiences, and suggestions of how to achieve them
  • Priorities for improvements, both in terms of easy wins and more substantial changes


Read more about the benefits of nature for everyone and how we can address some of the barriers that prevent some groups from accessing these benefits.

Examples of our work

Polesdon Lacey garden
Client: The National Trust

We were commissioned by the National Trust to advise on making the Polesdon Lacey estate more playful. The aim was to encourage greater use by families and to engage children and adults in playful exploration. We produced a series of creative ideas and recommendations to inform the development of plans for new interpretation and enhanced visitor experience.

Golitha Falls
Client: Natural England

A site review of Golitha Falls, a beautiful National Nature Reserve in Cornwall, identifies barriers to access and ways of overcoming them.

Eden Project
Client: Eden Project

From the earliest days we have been helping the Eden Project welcome and engage the widest range of visitors.

Forest site review toolkit
Client: Forestry Commission

A site review toolkit and national training programme help managers respond to the new Equality Act and make their recreation sites engaging and accessible for the widest audience.

Access Plan
Client: Maidstone Borough Council

We were commissioned to undertake An Access Plan and Audience Development Plan of Mote Park, Maidstone. We identified a range of physical and social barriers that prevented certain user groups from using the park and gave recommendations on how to make the space more inclusive and accessible to all. Since our Access Plan Maidstone BC has gone on to invest £4.3m in redevelopment of the park.