Sensory garden design

Sensory experiences add another layer of richness to a site, helping people to connect on a personal level with the place they are in and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

We can help you build deeper, more memorable experiences by encouraging people to connect and explore through all their senses. We advise on sensory-rich spaces, such as sensory gardens and trails, as well as the enhancement of sensory experiences within a general landscape, such as a park, visitor attraction or nature area.

Our consultancy packages

Sensory project brief

This will include a detailed discussion with you together with a review of your site. We will provide ideas, inspiration and experience to help you clarify what you want to achieve and how best to achieve it. The brief can inform a design, add weight to a funding application and identify priorities for action.

The sensory project brief will be provided as an illustrated written report, customised to meet your specific requirements.

Sensory trail design

Sensory Trails add another layer of richness to a site, improving the visitor experience and encouraging repeat visitors. They are designed to highlight sensory interest and to encourage your visitors to engage more closely with your site. We can help you find approaches that are easy to change with the seasons and different themes, and light touch tools appropriate for areas where you might not want to install more permanent interpretation infrastructure.

A site review will assess the trail and identify best application of interpretation and markers together with associated recommendations for other enhancements like seating and access improvements.

Sensory mapping review

A review will use the Sensory Trust's Sensory Mapping tool to assess the range of sensory experiences your site currently offers, and how these can be improved and made more accessible.

A review can inform plans for design modifications or access improvements, using the combination of access and quality of experience information to prioritise access to sensory highlights.

The review will include a site-based participatory mapping exercise followed by a written review identifying current sensory interest and recommendations for enhancements.


Examples of our work

Our latest sensory garden design:
Sensory garden at Marina Court

Client: Marina Court/Hanover Housing

Sensory garden at Marina Court, Tewkesbury

This sensory journey meanders through a series of mini gardens, taking its cues from the place and people who live here, and engaging through a rich mix of sensory experiences.

Sensory project brief:
Sensory garden at the Eden Project

Client: Eden Project

Sensory engagement techniques used invite ideas about landscape design

A sensory project brief informed the development of a sensory garden in the heart of Eden site, appealing to all the senses and engaging visitors of all ages.

Sensory trail design:
Stourhead gardens

Client: National Trust

The grotto at Stourhead Gardens

The trail encourages visitors to use all their senses to experience Stourhead gardens more closely. An immersive experience for all visitors, including people with sensory impairments.

Sensory mapping review:
Golitha National Nature Reserve

Client: Natural England

sensory mapping in use at Golitha national nature reserve

Our sensory mapping reviews identified sensory highlights at this popular national nature reserve and how to make them accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities.