Inclusive design

Sensory Trust advises on inclusive approaches to the design and management of public spaces, including parks, public open space, countryside, wildlife areas, visitor attractions, education/health centres and residential landscapes.

Perhaps you are looking at the impact of the Equality Act and Disability Discrimination Act on the services you already provide. Our inclusive approach to design helps develop places that are enjoyed by a broad section of society, regardless of ability, social background or age.

We support building design through the use of our Social Sustainability Toolkit and working with our wider network of Associates. We can work as part of design teams, advise on inclusive design aspects, contribute to Stage C and Stage D reports and integrate an inclusive approach in all stages of planning, design and build.

We also advise on accessible information, recognising the importance of information and messages reaching the widest audience.

We undertake the following:

  • access reviews to identify barriers to access and ways of overcoming them
  • inclusive design briefs to identify requirements for new design work
  • inclusive design policies, setting out organisational and project commitments
  • advice on inclusive design issues at all stages of design and build
  • training on inclusive design and diversity issues
  • design crits to discuss and review ideas with design teams
  • membership of design teams to integrate inclusive design aspects

Examples of our work

The Core education centre, Eden Project
Client: Eden Project

From the earliest days we have been helping make Eden as accessible and engaging for all staff and visitors. The Core was the first opportunity to integrate inclusive designa from concept stage, to set targets and to maintain the approach throughout. The result is a leading example of inclusive design.

Eden Sessions
Client: Eden Project

Sensory Trust has worked with Eden Project to make its live music programme accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Eden now runs the most inclusive live outdoor music in the UK.


Visitors enjoying the Eden music sessions from the wheelchair accessible platform Interviewing as part of an access review Disabled children give their feedback on accessibility at Eden Project