Accessible information design

Making your visitor information and interpretation accessible is one of the easiest and effective ways of making your site work well for the widest range of people. Sensory Trust has exertise in designing information so that it is both engaging and accessible. We have advised on wayfinding, developed visitor access guides and designed interpretation materials, working with a wide range of projects and clients including Eden Project, National Trust and Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Can we help?

We offer consultancy advice in the following:

Increasing the reach of your information. We can review your existing information and identify gaps and improvements. For example:

  • Designing your information booklets, leaflets, menus etc in additional formats (eg Widgit, Large Print, Easy English) and advising how to integrate these in your overall information delivery.
  • Producing an Access Guide to inform potential visitors about essential access information to help them plan a visit.

Making it easier for people to find their way around. We can review your signage and wayfinding systems and offer practical, low-cost improvements. We can design new signage, maps and other wayfinding materials to make it easier for visitors to find their way around.

Encouraging people to engage with your site more closely. We can design and advise on interpretation based on our sensory engagement work, including the use of materials that encourage people to explore through all their senses. This includes designs to accompany sensory trails or to make your site more playful and exploratory.

If you are thinking about something that isn't on the list do give us a call. If we can't help we may well know someone else who can.

Examples of our work

Interpretation banners
Client: Eden Project

Eden Project Banners are a good example of accessible information design

The banners welcome visitors to Eden Project, lining the walkways from the car parks to the visitor centre with a simple conversation.

Seed, Soup and Sarnies
Client: Eden Project/Big Lunch Extras

Book cover of How Does Your Garden Grow?

We wrote and designed this new publication, full of creative ideas for growing and sharing food.