Accessibility training

This training is designed to help venues welcome and enhance the experience for visitors with disabilities, their families, friends and carers, and help on-site staff to be more confident and supportive. Our accessiblity training concentrates on the visitor experience, not just on the nuts and bolts of technical access improvements.

This training can also focus specifically on design of information and communications, ensuring that these are attractive and accessible to the widest range of people.

Training is based on our experience of reviewing accessibility of all kinds of outdoor venues, from heritage to contemporary, small scale to huge. We use our Access Chain to put the focus on the visitor experience, and we share learnings from working with people living with disability and health issues.

Key outcomes of the training:

  • Greater understanding of what it means for a venue to be accessible and inclusive
  • Skills and techniques to identify, plan and prioritise access improvements
  • Confidence to build links with local groups and organisations to strengthen community involvement

Key components of the training:

  • Overview of the Equality Act and diversity of audiences, and implications for service delivery and positive approaches to equality and diversity
  • Overview of inclusive practices with examples of good practice, and using the Access Chain to review and plan access improvements
  • Practical outdoor session using review tools to identify and address accessibility issues on-site (this is optional but recommended)

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Delivering training in access review techniques


Access Chain - designed to address accessibility through the visitor's experience

Access audits - we undertake these as part of our consultancy services

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