Martin Page

Advisor on regulatory framework issues

Martin brings extensive experience of urban greenspace management, having worked for forty years in Local Authority Parks services. Until he retired in 2006, he was Head of Sheffield City Council's Parks Woodlands and Countryside Service with responsibility for over 700 sites and direction of a substantial greenspace team.

Martin is convinced that the benefits of green space to economic, social and environmental regeneration has a massive potential to improve both people’s environment and equally important, their quality of life.

"I always felt we in the sector must continually find ways to better manage and improve the quality of our green spaces, for the benefit of the people who use them.

I was made aware in 2002 through the Sensory Trust Inclusive Action Group that approximately 5% of users of green space have some form of disability or disadvantage, (and that does not include carers). Over 4 billion visits are made each year to parks and green spaces in this country. 5% is 200 million visits per year! Apart from anything else, that suggests a much more inclusive approach is required to the planning design management and maintenance of our green spaces

I also realised the magnitude of what we face makes it a marathon not a sprint.

All of the above contributed to why I accepted the invitation to become a Trustee of the Sensory Trust, in 2004".