Mick Beck

Advisor, disability and arts

Mick was Chair of the Trustees from 2008 - 2012 and continues to support the Trust's work as an active member of the Board. Mick has been actively engaged with the Sensory Trust since near its inception - he attended an open meeting which helped to set it up in 1989, and became a trustee as soon as it achieved charitable status. His interests stem primarily from the fact that he is a blind person who enjoys many facets of nature. At the outset he was working as a policy manager in the Civil Service. This enabled him to make inputs in work time with the support of his employer, and brought a wide range of management and strategic thinking skills.

In 1998 he left Government service and became a self employed musician and counsellor. He plays and composes experimental music, majoring on saxophone and bassoon, in which capacity he is a well known national figure with about a dozen CDs released under his name. As a counselor he trained with Relate, and has worked since 1999 with couples and individuals on relationship and personal development issues. He also does some work for a Sheffield organization called Share Psychotherapy which focuses on people needing longer term therapy.

He regards himself as a good touch-stone for Sensory Trust work, obviously representing one particular disability, and living an active life including recreational enjoyment of the outdoors. He continues to bring a variety of personnel and management skills to bear on issues faced by the Trust. He is based in Sheffield.