Lynsey Robinson

Inclusive design

Lynsey is an inclusive designer at the Sensory Trust and part of the creative resource development team, developing and producing new ways of engaging people with their environment through nature-based activities. Her current focus is the development of sensory engagement approaches to build lasting connections between marginalised people and their local places and communities.

Lynsey's background is 3D design and after studying 3D Design for Sustainability at Falmouth College of Art she worked at the Eden Project as an Exhibit Designer. There she began working in partnership with the Sensory Trust and gained a wider understanding of the social side of sustainability.

Since joining the Sensory Trust, Lynsey has worked on a wide range of projects: designing accessible information for the National Trust and a UK-wide resource for designing seasonal trails; running community consultation with excluded groups; presenting at UK and international conferences; publications for green space managers; advice and support for design and management decisions of public green space; and training delivery.

Lynsey was involved in the Let Nature Feed Your Senses project, developing nature-based resources to support the national programme of sensory-rich farm visits. Lynsey has also developed a focus on inclusive play. She led the Ask project, a partnership project with the Association for Children's Environments in Tokyo, and a nature-based play project in collaboration with the Eden Project.

In recent years a significant part of Lynsey's work has involved working with the Eden Project. This includes providing advice and technical support for site and exhibit design, live events and seasonal programmes, developing new accessible information, and delivering staff training to ensure Eden can go beyond basic levels of inclusion and be an exemplar project accessible to the widest audience. She has led Sensory Trust's work on the Eden Sessions - making music accessible to everyone. As a result Eden is now the UK's most accessible outdoor music venue.

The last few years has seen Lynsey working on the development of Sensory Nature resources for special schools and older people living with dementia in their communities. She has also been building inclusive approaches and sensory activities to engage people with their local heritage, especially for marginalised communities. A project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund developed a series of sensory guides and a sound walk app to share the heritage stories of the China Clay area of Cornwall and led to the current project of Pilchards, Pits and Postcards which is opening up access to the heritage spaces and stories of four areas across Cornwall.

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Making live music accessible to everyone at the Eden Sessions

"Practising inclusive design is not always the easiest thing to communicate. At first it can seem restrictive and people worry that it will result in a world that is flat and beige. This is very far from the truth and inclusive design should be looked at as a creative opportunity that opens up experiences to the widest possible audience. By making things inclusive the experience is better for everyone. This is what excites me about working in this field, the sensory experiences you can offer that allow people to make a connection with their environment." Lynsey Robinson