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SNAP is a Sensory Trust project working with children with disabilities and their families to create sensory, nature-based adventures such as stories, games and creative activities.

We are delighted to have a team of experts from a variety of fields advising us on our project work

Joanna Grace Joanna Grace

Jo is an international sensory engagement and inclusion consultant and Founder of the Sensory Projects. She is well known for creating inclusive, affordable sensory stories and has published a book about these stories. Jo believes that with the right knowledge and a little creativity inexpensive sensory resources can become effective tools for inclusion. Jo works globally providing training and developing resources and her second book Sensory-being for Sensory Beings was published June 2017.

Becky LyddonBecky Lyddon

Becky founded Sensory Spectacle in 2014. Originally from the field of Graphic Design, she was captivated by the autistic sensory world whilst working in a centre in West London that supports children and young people with complex health needs and disabilities. Sensory Spectacle creates experiential installations to help educate about SPD. Becky designs and builds environments to help society experience for themselves how SPD can impact their daily lives.

Lee TrunksLee Trunks

Lee is Head of WellChild Helping Hands programme. Helping Hands undertakes one off garden and bedroom makeover projects for families raising children and young people with substantial health and care needs.  Most of the programme’s work focuses on transforming a family’s garden, and recognises the major benefits that are gained through having an outdoor space dedicated to a child’s specific needs, whether for access, safety or sensory stimulation.

Jacqui SweetJacqui Sweet

Jacqui is the activities co-ordinator at Little Harbour Children’s Hospice. She has over 20 years experience of using play to improve family relationships and support learning through play. When Little Harbour advertised for a Treasure Seeker Jacqui knew the job was made for her, believing that anything that engages a child, or promotes a smile is treasure indeed! Her role is to support staff and families to find playful and sensory ways to engage young people in their journey through severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties and in palliative care.

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Philip Waters

Philip is Creative Director of ‘I Love Nature’, a training, activity and consultancy company in Cornwall. He is also a doctoral student at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School. With an interest in children’s fiction and a career of over 22 years working in various children’s environments, Phil’s work brings together play, narrative and nature within a form of praxis called ‘narrative journey’. He is a keen writer, filmmaker and story-maker, and enjoys bringing these elements together in his research and work.



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The Sensory Trust is currently conducting a piece of research and we would love you to be part of it!

We are asking families to share their experience of the outdoors with us. We are looking at what makes a good outdoor experience and if there are any barriers that prevent families getting out. We would appreciate you taking the time to answers these questions and letting us know your thoughts. The information we gather will be used in the project to help us create resources, advise outdoor settings and provide outdoor experiences for families.

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