Fiery Spirits - building resilient communities

Sensory Trust was a partner in Fiery Spirits, a project spearheaded by Eden Project and the Carnegie UK Trust to exchange ideas and support good practice in building vibrant, resilient rural communities.

The hosts for the project were:-

  • Eden Project, sharing their experiences of regenerating communities that have lost key industries such as the Clay Futures work
  • The Falkland Centre for Stewardship in Fife, Scotland, sharing its experience of food and farming
  • The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Wales, bringing expertise in low-carbon technologies to share through their Zero Carbon Britain vision
  • The Tipperary Institute in Ireland, building on their ground-breaking approach to integrated area planning.

During 2009 the Sensory Trust created content, hosted events, and ensured FierySpirits, the online community of practice, were in touch with issues such as designing for inclusion, social sustainability and community involvement.

The Sense of Place:sustainable placemaking event held at the Eden Project in September 2009 was part of Sensory Trust and Eden Project's contribution to the rural resilience agenda. Around 200 delegates attended a mixture of talks and activities designed to share best practice, challenge assumptions and support new ways of developing communities.

Fiery Spirits, the online community of practice is a network of people from around the work who share ideas and information on creating resilient rural communties. The community of practice web site includes discussions and information on subjects such as food production, community development, policy and practice, zero carbon initiatives and a wide selection of other topics all related to the central theme of resilience.