Discover Eden visitor information guides

Sensory Trust worked with Eden Project to create a series of visitor information guides in different languages. We designed these to inform visitors about the design and development of the new educational building, the Core, and associated exhibits.

To reach the widest range of people, we created guidebooks in English, Easy English, Large Print (as Text and Word files), Braille and also in French, German and Japanese. We also worked with Widgit Software to create Widgit versions for supported and unsupported visits and an activity pack.

Eden visitor guides in easy english, german, french and japanese

Eye-catching designs printed on smooth wooden folders create objects that are beautiful to look at and hold as well as informative and hard-wearing. Ring binders inside make it easy to replace content as and when needed - crucial for keeping visitor information up to date and saving costly reproduction work.

To download the versions below you will need a recent version of the free Adobe Reader software to fully benefit from the accessibility features of the PDF versions of these files. Download latest version of Adobe Reader if you do not already have it.

Text versions

Use these if you would like to alter the text size or read with screen reading software. English only.

Language versions

Widgit packs

These packs have been developed by the team at Widgit Software in association with Sensory Trust. The symbol guides have simplified content supported by the Widgit Literacy Symbols. They have been created at two different reading levels: fully supported symbol level, and a supported level with just the new and difficult vocabulary symbolised. There is also a fun activity pack to help teach the new Eden vocabulary and symbols.

Each of these packs is a collection of PDF files compressed into a Zip file to make downloading easier. You will need WinZip or similar for Windows or ZipIt for Macintosh to open the Zip file. Both programs are shareware and can be downloaded by following the links above. You will need to Download Adobe Reader latest version to view the pages if you don't already have it.


The guides were produced as part of the Sensory Trust's Accessible Information Project supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

Supported by the National Lottery through the Millennium Commission. Supported by the Wellcome TrustBig Lottery Fund


  • Accessible information - why it matters, who benefits, links to more case studies
  • Widgit - how this pictorial symbol language helps people with learning difficulties
  • Guidance - find advice to help you plan and design accessible information

Can we help?

Sensory Trust consultancy services include designing and advising on:

  • on-site and pre-visit visitor guides, leaflets, booklets
  • maps, trail markers, signage
  • games, activities to engage the senses