Accessible information and interpretation


Sign Design Guide: a guide to inclusive signage. Handbook by the Sign Design Society. Sign design and position, colour, contrast, sizes.

See it right pack. Publication by RNIB. Information design, position and colour contrast for people with visual impairments

Building Sight. 1996. Handbook by Peter Barker, Jon Barrick & Rod Wilson, RNIB. Building and interior design solutions to include the needs of visually impaired people.

Am I making myself clear? Guidance by Mencap. Information content, language and length for people with learning disabilities.

Easy English guidelines. Guidance by Scope. Information content, language and length.

Literacy through symbols. Guide by Widgit Software. Use of Widgit pictorial symbols, designed to benefit people with learning disabilities.


Association of Heritage Interpretation - forum for anyone interested in interpretation

British Sign Language (BSL) - information and guidance on the use of sign language

Describe-Online - text wayfinding guides to, amongst other things, Rail and Underground stations

The Dog Rose Trust - Interpretation for all in touch and sound for all environments.

Fieldsman Trails - Access to information and the environment through designs and interpretation

Plain English Campaign - campaigning for access to clear and concise information.

Plain Facts - example of magazine for people with learning difficulties. A guide to writing Plain Facts is also available

DisabledGo - "the most in-depth disabled access information guide ever". Access guides designed to empower disabled people to make their own informed decisions as to the usability of the venue based on their own particular access requirements.

RNIB See It Right guidelines - guidance on designing information for people with visual impairments

Sign Design Society - publishers of the Sign Design Guide

Tiresias - family of fonts designed for maximum legibility.

Vischeck - shows you what things look like to someone who is colour blind. You can try Vischeck online- either run Vischeck on your own image files or run Vischeck on a web page. You can also download the program and run it on your own computer.

Widgit - symbol supported communication

Accessible web design

AbilityNet - Championing IT for people with disabilities.

Cognitive Disabilities - guidance on making websites accessible

Jakob Neilsen: Web Usability - lots of information on usability, user testing etc.

Microsoft's information on accessible design - accessible design advice.

Viewable with Any Browser - accessible design guide.

WAI - Web Accessibility Initiative - Checklists and guidelines for accessible web design.

Wave - web site accessibility checking tool.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind.

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